Female Silhouette Wall Chart


Female Silhouette Wall Chart

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We do love a wall chart here at Homeplace, they make a great alternative to framed paper prints and this oversized cotton piece by Amsterdam based illustrator Sella Molenaar is no exception.

What drew us to this one was not just the simplicity of the subject, a carefree silhouette of the female form, nor was it the pretty colour palette but in fact, it was how the outline has been sewn in plaited thread as opposed to printed - it's such a nice touch.

Each piece is also signed by the artist Sella Molenaar, an artist driven by her passion to celebrate the beauty of femininity and the journey to its discovery.

Sella’s art gives life to a ‘controlled impulsivity’ in which a harmonious tension between control and technique is balanced against minimalism and artistic freedom. Always searching for beauty in the imperfections; it is often the uncontrolled lines, small mistakes and serendipitous additions that make her drawings stand out.

We love the soft minimalism of this piece, its tactile nature, not to mention how it celebrates the feminine form and its energy.


Dimensions: Width: 97cm Drop: 147cms

Comes ready to hang, via an integrated hook in the frame.

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