Monochrome Terrazzo Side Table


Monochrome Terrazzo Side Table


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We're more than a little terrazzo obsessed here at Homeplace so when we spotted these little side tables at a trade show, we knew we had to bag some for the site..

Truly versatile in terms of style and size - these beauties will work in a host of interiors, both residential as well as commercial.

In the home, they're ideal for use anywhere from the living room to a hallway, next to a bath or we're really liking the idea of using them either side of a bed.

Terrazzo is a huge trend that isn't going anywhere so these little tables are the perfect way to embrace it with a stylish and useful addition for the home.

The terrazzo top simply sits on top of the iron frame so it can be lifted off, allowing the frame to fold flat for ease of storage and transportation.

Available in 2 colour ways, this monochrome version and another featuring a range of green and terracotta tones.

Dimensions - Diameter: 40cm x Height: 45cms

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