Brass Wire Storage Baskets


Brass Wire Storage Baskets


Do you also find it difficult to find space for all the small items that always generate a mess – but are also convenient to have within easy reach?

Stylish wire baskets are not only a practical storage solution, but they also add liveliness and expression to your home.

Made from iron coated in beautiful glossy brass, the baskets come in 4 different sizes, perfect for storing everything from magazines and books to wrapping paper and other small bits and pieces.

These stylish baskets are perfect for small items in the hallway, for storing things in the office or as an eye catching addition to the bathroom.


Small: 20x28 cm, h.: 16 cm

Medium: 24x32 cm, h.: 16 cm

Medium (Tall): 24x32 cm, h.: 20 cm

Large: 28x36 cm, h.: 20 cm


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